Crystal Multimedia Inc.

Businesses are increasingly faced with the challenge of finding ways to reach their target public’s window of attention in this preset day’s “economy of attention”, where communicating about your products to the target public is a bigger challenge than actually manufacturing those products. Sales and marketing executives of businesses are always looking for ways to stand out among the competition and be noticed at trade shows.

Multimedia solutions for corporate communications:

Company websites are online marketing brochures. Internet offers a cost-effective medium to companies to inform about their products and services to an unlimited number of potential customers. Public Relations professionals use company websites to provide information to its various publics, such as investors, prospective and existing employees, and to general public about the company and its policies. Intranet sites are being used to provide confidential information to company employees.

Surveys indicate that 67% of companies use websites to provide product and service information, 58% use to increase brand/corporate awareness, and 44% to improve brand and corporate image.

Crystal Multimedia specializes in designing and developing websites for e-commerce solutions, for presenting your services online or for networking. Our designers, copywriters and developers are trained experts with years of experience and they love what they do.

Companies are realizing the value of multimedia solutions as tools to improve the communication and training in their organizations while reducing costs. Multimedia training material is interactive and provides flexibility of use on demand.

We at Crystal Multimedia create Online, digital format or print training materials for businesses that can be used to train employees, or walk clients through a new application or product features, or to provide an interactive training and test-taking environment.

Crystal Multimedia understands the special needs of corporate presenters. We create high-impact presentation graphics that get you noticed.

Whether it's PowerPoint, multimedia, video, or graphic design, Crystal Multimedia transforms your vision into a powerful and memorable presentation. Our skills in design, content development, and output of business presentations save you time, money, and headaches.

We work as an extension of your team, delivering cutting-edge design together with a strong knowledge of the corporate world. And we do it all with a can-do attitude, the result of years of experience, integrity, and software proficiency.

PowerPoint slides and templates
Interactive presentations (Macromedia Director, etc.)
Video Presentations with Flash
Creative display of numeric data in tables, charts, graphs